Joseph Bismark Promoting Health and Wellness

Joseph Bismark Promoting Health and Wellness

There’s a difference between selling, and promoting. It can easily be seen with what happens at the end. Someone who sells gives the products, takes the cash, and that’s it, transaction over. Promoting is highly different, and obviously more noble. Someone who promotes give what’s being promoted, and sticks with the one who received it.

If it was simply a matter of selling healthy living stuff for Joseph Bismark, we wouldn’t be seeing him doing all sorts of physical activities, or giving speeches about lifestyle and wellness, or updating his blogs and websites with quotes and anecdotes centering on the necessity of self-nourishment. He’s a man who promotes wellness on a holistic level, and he makes sure he stays with us on that campaign.


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The success of QNET as a direct selling company didn’t come solely from the endgame of production and sale. It’s known for its quality items in weight management, nutrition and personal care, but it started by being wired with someone who has reached a certain level of mastery of the purpose for which said products were created. In a quiet yet essential cornerstone of QNET, the name of Joseph Bismark is etched, marked with secrets of promoting health and wellness only he can disclose.

Joseph Bismark Living the Healthy Way

Having grown up amidst strict living patterns in an ashram, Joseph Bismark knows how to make the best out of what’s available. With that, he also knows what is the most beneficial versus more damaging to one’s life. It’s easy to imagine how the simple lifestyle learned under the roof of  monks can sharpen one’s sense of necessity.

He begins by cutting down the things that kill most people in our generation: fatty foods, junk food, smoking and drinking vices, meat-eating, and other silent killers in the form of fast-food products.

Bismark went over many different methods in order to keep his body healthy, but he focused primarily on physical exercise and “holistic health and wellness.” Bismark went on to explain his staunch support for holistic health by including several different functions that he has incorporated into his day to day life. But first, let’s look at a typical physical day in the life of Bismark.

For Bismark it is important to stay flexible, literally. Bismark told aspIRe Magazine, “I work out, do yoga asasnas, go cycling and swim.” Of course, these techniques are well known for their fitness related properties and individually aren’t unique. What IS unique, however, is the way that the QI Group Director employs them all into a weekly workout that continually focuses on building both his strength and his endurance.

Joseph BismarkMore than structuring his eating habits, he is also disciplined in terms of his regular activities. Good food doesn’t work its magic when you simply sit and avoid all sorts of strain. You have to gun it, and make it work. Food is fuel, and Bismark not only keeps the food well-filtered and high quality, he also makes sure the engine that is his body works at peak performance.

“In life, we need the same amount of stress and the ability to deal with it in order to become strong, pliable and polished individuals.”


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The common mind would think someone like Bismark can easily ask people to run errands for him, and move from place to place in the soft comforts of his own car. And he doesn’t even have to be the one to drive. If he really did that, despite being a vegetarian, he wouldn’t look as fit as he does. He walks, runs, swims, cycles to work, and exercises even while working. He sweats in the best way the human body needs to sweat, and he makes sure his lungs and heart are well lubricated with regulated breathing and blood circulation afforded only by regular exercise.

In other words, his status in life has never been a deterrent to physical exercise. The human ‘race’ as it is called is a run to a finish line which showers the winners with the fruits of their dreams. It’s hard to imagine anyone running that race while smoking 30 packs of cigarette a day, or spending the weekend with a belly filled with ‘lechon’ and an entire case of booze. In this same race, a lot of people have seen Bismark blitz through competitors with enough air to spare in helping others.

A simple lifestyle check goes a long way, and Bismark has clearly defined his. He doesn’t waste his time, energy, and especially his body, in doing unnecessary stuff, or not doing what is necessary. He is active, he is strict, and with that, he lives under the same banner of wellness he promotes so well.


Making Use of the Fruit

Living healthy is not simply an end in itself. Sure, it’s a central priority in every man to make sure he persists in existence and doesn’t wither away in disease or explode in obesity. But someone would simply be living selfishly if he did nothing with his fit body other than to make it more fit.  Joseph Bismark is fit, but we see this fitness work in the world through more than the closed-ended outcome of physical fitness. He reaches out, and does more.

With strength and strong immunity at his fingertips, Bismark can handle more in his daily schedule than what would otherwise make the average man of his age pant and burn out.

Beyond the tight agenda of the corporate world, he can still have enough in his tank to teach Yoga. After that, a trip to one of his charity foundations would still be easy. He can still give speeches amidst events, have a casual chat with friends and colleagues, and still spare enough energy for fun and recreational activities.



RYTHM Foundation, the heart of QNET’s vision for contributing to society, was founded with Bismark in the middle of the company’s growth. Even while running multiple levels of businesses, and spearheading projects in QNET, he has taken his sights beyond the confines of his company and has seen the many people who would benefit from his resources, and his connections.

RYTHM Foundation works for the betterment of underprivileged communities in several countries across Asia. With QNet utilizing professionals skilled and trained in multiple areas of human development, RYTHM Foundation can easily draw a blueprint for how to shape the structure and livelihood in a village where people are in dire need of the basic necessities of life.

What people see in Bismark is a man who has tapped into the secrets of success. But it’s not just victory over the business world; it’s also a victory over the limitations and inclinations of the human body: limitations brought by doubt, and physical sickness, and inclinations to vices and mediocre levels of self-preservation. The ability to say ‘no’ to things that will wear him down is supported by his discipline and self-control. With nothing preventing him from reaching his full body potential, he can set his focus on more important things in life.

This is what happens when you live the Joseph Bismark lifestyle: you get to do more with your life, and make it more meaningful than those people spending so much time and money on unhealthy things, and then spending even more to cure the outcome.


Making it Available

Joseph Bismark is a generous man in so many ways, one of which is through the sharing of knowledge and wisdom. He’s often seen in front of a large crowd giving lectures, or leading a discussion in a variety of fields. Pages on the internet that he updates are never short of viewers and followers asking for counsel, and looking forward to more insights from his way of life. When it comes to his crusade for health and wellness, his charisma remains stalwart, attractive in the eyes of those looking for real life guidance on what it truly means to be healthy.

QNET has gone far and changed a lot, beginning with its business conquest through custom commissioned numismatic coins, and it is now known as “a dynamic wellness and lifestyle company that enriches the lives of its customers worldwide.” With so many things we could do with money these days, it’s very important to put life-nourishing products within the reach of those who are willing to invest in their physical well-being. It’s the aim of Bismark to make it very possible for everyone to stay healthy. As one of QNET’s pillars, he has taken the company’s products closer to more significant human needs.

The front-lining products of QNET vary from consumables like FibreFit and Olé to services in Weight Management and other personal care. Aside from what everyone needs to supplement their lifestyle with, QNET also gives people an avenue for recreation through QVI Club, allowing them to revitalize their bodies and giving them the best times to spend with  love ones.

Bismark has clearly left his mark on QNET’s signature products. But being the dynamic person that he is, he doesn’t limit his crusade for health and wellness behind the desk of his office. He goes out and shows people how it’s done. And he makes available the most valuable investment any person can make: knowledge.

On more than one occasion, Bismark has been asked to share his thoughts on the fields of business, leadership, marketing techniques, and sometimes an integration of all three. With the ability to capture the ears and hearts of the entire group in the room, he also made use of this audience impact to teach wellness, and the significance of taking care of one’s health. Often he’ll be able to insert the concept of well-being in the middle of a session about increasing productivity. After all, what good is profit for someone who is too sick to enjoy its fruits?

Bismark doesn’t limit the privilege of his ideas to the lucky few who have seen him in person. He makes use of social networks to spread the word further out.

Joseph Bismark talk in national university at SingaporeLast July (2012), GMD Joseph Bismark was in National University of Singapore to talk to a group of enthusiastic and bright undergraduates who had visited Singapore on a summer immersion programme..



On September 9, 2015 Bismark shared an important article that was published in Issue 16 of aspIRe Magazine. It featured the essentials of meditation, and how it can change one’s life for the better and for the more divine.

Meditation is synonymous with prayer. It connects the soul to the spiritual world, the realm of the Supreme Person. Through this disciplined practice, we get to the point where we constantly think of the Supreme Person.




He doesn’t leave his Facebook friends behind when it comes to wellness. On July 13, 2015, Bismark posted an interesting, and a bit sensitive article that talks about the treatment of trauma through Yoga. Being a Yoga instructor himself, Bismark knows the importance of tranquility between body, mind and spirit, and whatever terrible experience crippling a person’s will, he also knows the person can overcome it.

These are just two of the contributions Bismark has for everyone to bask in. Every day, he brings something new to the table, and every day friends and followers both on the net, and in real life, can take home bits of ideas that will equip them to approach life in a healthier way.

Live it, use it, share it – this is the Joseph Bismark way of promoting health and wellness. He himself is a testimony to what he promotes. It’s easy to recognize the diminishing presence of someone who has taken his own well-being for granted.

On the other hand, it’s hard to ignore the glow and energy of someone who follows a refined way of life. Even more so if that life has given a lot to the world, both through large scale outreach and networking, and through the simple yet effective everyday reminders that we are what we do to ourselves, and that we must do good in that aspect.

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