Joseph Bismark

Joseph Bismark

Joseph Luis Eleuterio Tomacruz Bismark (born April 10, 1962) is a successful entrepreneur, motivational speaker, life-coach and an accomplished author. A founding director of the QI Group, an international business conglomerate with offices in nearly 30 countries, he assumed the role of Group Managing Director in December 2008. Their lines of businesses run from direct selling and e-commerce, lifestyle and leisure to luxury and collectibles, logistics, property development and project management. He moved to Singapore in 2006 where he started managing the Group’s business operations. Before this, he co-founded QI Limited in 1998.

Joseph Bismark’s Biography and Early Life

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Mr. Bismark was a key figure in establishing a solid foundation for the rapid growth of the QI Group. Among his distinct characteristics as a leader are being dynamic, talented, versatile and a true believer of teamwork. Apart from his role as a leader, he remains being humble and compassionate to his colleagues, which is also the main reason why their company has grown into what it is now. He believes that no one person can be successful in his own actions, but rather, every person needs a team in achieving their set goals.

Although Joseph Bismark utilizes his leadership skills to ensure that the business grows and profits, his deep spirituality is what guides him on making decisions and managing his people.

Joseph Bismark japadas

I am only as good as my team – Joseph Bismark from

A firm believer in spiritual growth, Joseph started learning yoga at the tender age of nine when he went to live in an ashram in the Philippines. In the ashram, he studied ancient texts on spirituality and learned how to live without basic facilities like heating and electricity.  When he finally finished this spiritual journey, he received his spiritual initiation from his guru and was given his spiritual name Japa Das at age 17.  In November 2014, he founded the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga with the goal of sharing the ancient wisdom and philosophy of yoga with his students.

Joseph Bismark japadas meditation

Mr. Bismark teaching meditation to 20 domestic workers who have suffered from abuse, sourced from

Joseph Bismark is a strong advocate of healthy living and a strict vegetarian. Joseph is mainly responsible for the Company’s venture into wellness and organic foods. He also has a deep respect for the environment and humankind where he currently offers a considerable amount of his time to the activities of RYTHM Foundation – the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the QI Group.

Besides his being spiritual and a practitioner of wellness and healthy living, he also is into other interests and hobbies. When he is not busy doing yoga, Joseph also trains in martial arts where he earned the level of certification of Expert. Joseph is also a practitioner of the Vedic philosophy.

Vedic Philosophy provides answers to all unanswered questions i.e why there is pain and pleasure, rich and poor, healthy and sick; God – His qualities, nature and works. Soul – Its nature and qualities, souls of humans and animals; reincarnation – how does it happens, why one is born as he or she is. What is the purpose of life? What we ought to do?


He too plays the classical guitar and is very much into growing bonsai – an interest that has made him become a Bonsai Master.  He also went to become a Tai Chi coach, a type of martial art very well known for its defense stances and health benefits which includes calming one’s mind while helping relieve stress and anxiety.

Joseph spends a great deal of time and effort working on his weekly online blog “Gems of Wisdom” and has even authored a book. In December 2010 during the event V-Malaysia, he successfully launched his book entitled “The Gem Collection”, a compilation of life lessons and advice derived from his own personal thoughts and experiences.

If you love quotations, nuggets of wisdom and beautiful life stories, you should have this book in your library.

The Gem Collection is a small book with just over a hundred pages. But what’s inside is worth a lifetime of lessons and advice.


A dedicated family man, successful businessman, philanthropist with a very big heart for people and the environment, well-respected leader and an inspiration to many – that is Joseph Bismark.

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World of Business and Investment

It’s ironic how a man of Joseph Bismark’s credentials started off in the most quaint and unconventional of ways. He spent his younger years in an ashram, where devotees of spiritual discipline guided him to a path where he now leads others: a path of enlightenment. Of course, at the time, life had its own way of hammering its meaning into young Bismark. Through the routine ways of simplicity and frugality, he learned the beauty of even what little a person might have. His perspective took him from the material to the personal, a concept he would soon use a few years later as he steadily climbed the corporate ladder.

BismarkA simple life appealed to Joseph Bismark and he has never lost sight of basic ideals. For him it is important to remain grounded, centered, honest and humble. He considers earthly success as transient states of existence. It is his job to use his success to help others achieve their own goals. Success to Joseph Bismark is an opportunity to share his good fortune with those around him.

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Joseph Bismark and QI Group of Companies

He was then immersed in the world of business. With an edge sharpened with young life spent among monks, 17 year old Bismark took on office work and enterprise, excelling with his choices of investments and social connections. 1998 was his highlight when he became part of QI Group of Companies. Individuals in the company ranks are high rolling entrepreneurs focused on innovation, people empowerment, and corporate growth. The group envisions exploring the potentials of companies in the fields of education, hospitality, direct selling, financial services and retail.

Joseph Bismark took a seat as Managing Director of the Group in December of 2008. He reconstructed the company’s corporate aspects and continued the steps towards its growth. Under the QI Group of Companies is The V, concentrated on the training and education of global entrepreneurs and raising the level of partnership among the companies that had already joined the group. The QI Group branches out to more precise business sectors, like providing vacation club memberships, holiday packages and leisure travel services.


qnet coins

QNet is the flagship subsidiary of the QI Group of Companies. They started off with numismatic coins (photo credit on the left:, luxury jewelry and watches. The quality of their products was renowned, and soon the company expanded to other Asian countries, and eventually, ventured partnership with European mint factories.

Numerous commemorative articles and items were made by their quality partner mints. Between 2003 and 2013, QNet became affiliated with various clients from across the globe, some simply utilizing its quality products, others referred through sponsorships and causes which the company so generously supported. Soon, the company held enough revenue to conquer other fields. Wellness, tourism, energy, telecommunications: their marketing steps became more and more bold with each product they sold, and for each area they dominated with their sales, QNet grew bigger. All along, the company instilled a rather human-centric appeal, influenced most likely by Bismark’s understanding of individual development.

joseph bismark playing guitar

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He (Bismark) is a very strong believer in healthy living and the main one responsible for QNet’s large investments in organic foods

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When you see someone buff and glowing with youthful energy like Bismark, it’s very hard not to be convinced that the products he promotes are not effective. Especially for the age of 53, the man is still brimming with energy, tireless in work and play, and especially, in physical development. For Bismark, health is not a means of income, but a sacred aspect of our life that we need to cherish. Taking health and lifestyle into the business world is just one step towards promoting this. Bismark took this step further by founding the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga, or SSMY.

joseph bismark about ssmy meditation

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Bismark teaches yoga and meditation through a series of sessions, trainings and consultations. It’s his avenue of zen and peace made available to the general public. SSMY stands on three pillars: Pranayama or Yogic Breathing, Meditation, and Yoga Asana or posture. With these, Bismark and his trainers are able to expand the potential of the human body by taking it to a whole new level of harmony of body, mind and spirit.

Three years ago, he conducted a special meditation session for 20 domestic workers in Singapore who suffered abuse in certain areas of their lives. The session was developed under the discipline of SSMY. The school is clearly not just for profit. It will also provide free meditation classes on Mondays, beginning 17th of November.

RYTHM Foundation

RYTHM FoundationEach endeavor follows a specific path, and oftentimes, the visions of those who take the path are directed to greater heights. With the influence of the ashram still taking the greater part of Bismark, he works to balance the rush of building a company, and the calling of humanity: reaching out and doing more. In answer to this calling, Bismark co-founded RYTHM foundation.

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Fondly referred to as QI’s ‘corporate heartbeat’, RYTHM Foundation is a charitable trust registered in Hong Kong, which serves as the enabler of the Group’s charitable endeavors and represents QI’s spirit, compassion and dedication in serving the communities in which it operates around the world. 

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RYTHM Foundation can be considered as Bismark’s spiritual investment, a means of channeling profit and growth into a more noble cause. The foundation established a means of catering to special children, ensuring well-being is developed among communities and taking great education and healthcare across lands untouched by the benefits of progress. The foundation works on several Asian countries, targeting specific places where it can do the most good.

By RYTHM Foundation

The color of the name is not simply for flare and appeal. RYTHM stands for Raise Yourself to Help Mankind, the Group’s mission statement. The foundation was created in 2005 when Joseph Bismark along with his partner Vijay Eswaran took the ideals of the great Mahatma Gandhi, the Group’s corporate icon. With his own life lived in simplicity, peace, and spiritual harmony, Gandhi silently challenged the members of the QI Board, and they developed the foundation to reflect his view of life; a view of the sacredness of life.


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Spirituality, Principles, Practices and Beliefs

The teachings he learned during his stay in an ashram (some consider it as a monastery) has encouraged him to become a better person.

Joseph spent his young life in an ashram  in the Republic of the Philippines. Because of what he learned from this experience, he now makes it a point that he will prioritize spirituality in everything that he does.

Mr. Bismark is a talented, dynamic and versatile leader. His open and consultative management style is anchored around the tenets of his vedic philosophies, which were shaped through a rather unique upbringing.

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Spirituality in Marketing

This is not a popular concept  for most businessmen. The Spirituality he acquired from the ashram is a great factor that influenced him in pointing his company towards the direction of success.

Joseph believes that spirituality and business can have a harmonious relationship, that there is no contradiction. He treats his employees equally and treats them as his spiritual siblings. This amazing and smart approach made him a successful business leader.

More people would feel as though their opinions mattered. A boss wouldn’t just shoot down an idea. He/she would actually listen to what their employees had to say. If there was some sort of pressure, it could be worked through together.

There are just some of the ideas that Mr. Bismark tries to impress upon his audience. The people you employ are people, not just money-making machines. Mr. Bismark shares his knowledge in an easy-to-understand manner on both sides. He does this in a comforting and sensible way.

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In his blog, Joseph wrote that we are not our physical bodies, we are spirit souls. He further writes that real happiness is in the knowledge that our real selves are spirit souls.

Bismark maintains a personal blog entitled “Gems of Wisdom… with Joseph Bismark”. Each post is an inspirational reflection on life, containing prudent advice on how to cultivate a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle.


He inspires a lot of people that definitely would like to follow his footsteps in achieving business success.

The word soul can be understood in different ways. The soul, according to Joseph is what’s in the heart that reaches out to help and to instruct.

Because of Joseph’s teachings, his employees now understand that they are not pawns of the company, but they are the most important means to make something more fruitful out of the company.

Joseph Bismark has initiated something that teaches our society about the importance of spirituality.  And it is destined to become bigger.

Joseph Bismark’s

Personal Life

The man behind the exhilarating and life-emboldening book, The Gems of Wisdom: A Compilation of Wisdom, a highly skilled yoga master, a vegetarian who promotes wellness and healthy living, the yogi from Manila and the Managing Director of the ever successful and growing QI Group of Companies — we’ve heard it all but at some point; don’t we ever wonder who Joseph Bismark is without his suit, away from the hustle and bustle of the business world?

He’s been known to be the heart and soul of the QI Group of Companies, but one distinct trait that makes him stand out from the crowd is his optimism; not just for the things and people around him, but within his own self. He’s no hero, he has no special powers, but his positivity draws people together, which makes it his most powerful tool to bring happiness around him.

Little did we know that he started this journey as early as when he was 9 years old, living in the mountains and practicing a selfless life.

Joseph Bismark, or as some may call “Japa Das”, the spiritual name given to him by his guru, is not only a versatile, adept and placid leader but also a devoted father and husband. Although he’s known for keeping himself busy juggling the many goals and roads he’s trying to take, he still does not forget to stop for a moment and spend time with his loved ones. After all, as a man of principle and dignity, his family has always been and will forever be his priority. He has established a special connection and bond with his employees and treated them as his kin. But his family holds the most special place in his life. Nothing beats the hug of a daughter and wife after a hard day’s work.

He is happily married to Sarah Bismark, who has always been by his side and is a loving mother to their beautiful daughter.

Some may ask how, as a man with a lot going on in his life, he is still able to balance his personal life against the cutthroat world of business. The world he lives in has indeed a very demanding environment which requires a huge amount of time, effort and dedication. It might be hard, but it’s never impossible, especially to a man who has spent his entire life striving for success while keeping his feet on the ground and being at peace not just with the people around him, but also with himself.

Apart from being a ‘Jack of all Trades’, he’s also a man of adventure. He travels, not only for business, but also to have quality time with his family. It’s one of his many ways to learn from the experiences that have and will cross his path in the future.

He also somehow manages to get a quick glance and admire his destinations during his business trips.

His shot of the Kremlin up-close during his talk in Moscow, Russia.

Joseph Bismark has also developed a distinct passion for golf. He’s not just your typical golf fan, as he also plays very well.

At the end of the day, having the luxury to do what he wants and what makes him and his family happy still boils down to living a happy life. He has mastered the art of maintaining optimism while working hard to be able to sustain his business success and help as many people as he can.

Success may not be just an overnight phenomenon, but with his unique idea of what makes an excellent entrepreneur, he survives the daily struggle of the corporate world.

Joseph Bismark has already established his success and place in the corporate world, but he doesn’t showcase his accomplishments to flatter himself; instead, he uses them to spread encouragements to aspiring entrepreneurs and people who aim to attain spiritual awakening.

Apart from being able to embody his principles and optimism amongst his friends, family and colleagues, he has also been active through social media and has been well-known for his words of inspiration and motivation. Joseph Bismark places paramount importance on what he has done since spending his life being a monk, to become an extraordinary entrepreneur. He has made it his purpose to lead his people to excellence.

I believe in believing in yourself and doing what your gut instinct tells you to do. A lot of people do things because they believe that they would be pleasing others with their actions and sometimes, they do it at the cost of their own happiness. A person can never be truly satisfied in life with that attitude. It is important to believe in whatever you are doing to achieve utmost success in that field.

-Joseph Bismark, “I am Joseph Bismark, Japa Das

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Personal or not, he always makes it a point to instill what he believes in, and to touch the heart and soul of the people he crosses paths with.

Literary Works

Joseph Bismark penJoseph Bismark has ventured into many fields, and the literary world is no exception to this. Perhaps, in the eyes of one who has achieved so much, a noble question grew: what can he do to make this world a better place?

For a man of his caliber, it would be easy for Bismark to rip through the profits from the many businesses he handles and to scatter money all over the world.

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But that’s not how he works. For Bismark, “Everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things.” He can easily be a doer of great things, but what’s even more noble in that endeavor is to instill the same desire in others, to make them realize how capable they are of doing good, extraordinarily good things. And so he steps into the literary world, where he has the most exposure to reach out to everyone.

My belief is that the power of positive thinking will get you further than any self-help book that you’ve ever read. I myself had to discover this on my own. In recent years, I have built my life around pursuing my genuine interest in strengthening one’s mind.

Gem’s of Wisdom

One of his most prominent creations in the literary world is this wonderful blog where thoughts and experiences are gathered into wonderful quotes, anecdotes and beautiful phrases. Bismark comes from a fast-paced world of entrepreneurs, and along with his mastery of holistic human development, he has created a place where people of all walks of life pass by to find inspiration, refresh their will, and find respite for their exhausted spirit.

Gems of Wisdom is that voice through which even the most junior employees of the group are able to take part in the evolution of the company and share their personal thoughts.

Starting off back in June of 2008, it became a regular way for Bismark to update followers and keep them in the loop with his activities, ideas, teachings, and learning. Bismark went from place to place and met people of various cultures and fields of expertise; from these he never failed to leave insights with which to color his blog.

Joseph Bismark gems of wisdom

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In time, the blog became a gold mine, or in this case, a gem mine, rich with words a lot of people need. Word quickly spread, and soon shares and links routing back to his site became a frenzy among his followers.

With its reputation crystallizing into a dazzling influence, people eventually decided to empower the blog into a more powerful channel, one which they convinced Bismark to pursue. Finally, the blog turned into a book. Published under RYTHM House Publishing, the book was entitled The Gem Collection, releasing Bismark’s mine to the public and empowering everyone who reads it.

Joseph Bismark gems2

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Uploaded by QNET (Official)

This video creatively showcases the profile of V Founding Partner and GMD Joseph Bismark’s The Gem Collection book, which is a compilation of wisdom!

Facebook and Twitter

There are so many things people can do on the web – connections, updates, relationships on all levels, things happening that most of us don’t even know what for or about, and Joseph Bismark has taken advantage of these aspects of the social network to reach out to more people.

Before Gems of Wisdom got immortalized in print and paper, it was a silently influential blog on the web. What helped echo such influence are the channels provided by Facebook and Twitter.

Joseph Bismark social

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Joseph Brismark always wants to keep his people in the loop, and sure enough, none of his friends gets left behind every time something new comes up. It can be his thoughts, reminders or messages for others, events he’s hosting or he’s taken part of, we just don’t miss anything important on his Facebook page.

What’s beautiful about this is that Bismark doesn’t only share his own works to others, he also shares the works of those people he knows within his circle. When his colleagues in the business world give him a tip or two about something, whether it’s about work, or the greater parts of life, he makes sure everyone shares in the enlightenment. Seminars and events he attends are also posted, making people understand the many ways they can gain knowledge and skill in so many fields.

When you’re always in search of a nugget for thought to start the day, following Bismark on Twitter is the best way to get your daily thoughts, or in this case, Daily Gems. He gives words of inspiration in specific, relatable and easy to understand quotes in the same fashion as Gems of Wisdom. He also guides people into finding the right lessons, linking his network of inspiration to that one area in social media. Followers of Bismark in Twitter get updated with what’s happening both in his Gems of Wisdom blog and on his Facebook page.

Literature is no longer limited to the mediums of the classics. Technology has allowed us a new channel for our artistic and literary pursuits, and enables us to be in touch with others’ remarkable creativity. As Joseph Bismark is well aware of this, he continues to share his wisdom and humanity with his followers and the rest of the world.


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